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PlusNet Customer Support Centre Improvements


PlusNet Customer Support Centre Improvements

Forgive me if I am wrong but there's been no updates since Alistair Wyse's message on the 24th July. Where are the improvements upto? There were supposed to be updates at

Looking around the boards, it seems there are still issues with people getting hold of advisors whether it be the ticket system or over the phone so has there actually been any improvements?


PlusNet Customer Support Centre Improvements

I have to agree: This is becoming a far too common occurance - we are promised information at a specific time, and the time passes without information.
There is no excuse for making promises and failing to keep them. If no new information is available at the prescribed time, we should be updated with the fact that no further information is available. It is unacceptable to continue this ignorant attitude.

On the plus side (no pun intended) I have heard interesting things about the amount of work which is being put into resolving the CS problem, and the commitment to reducing CS delays was demonstrated again last weekend, when almost all PN staff were working answering tickets.
We have to accept that CS resource is not on tap, and the scaling up of support resource will take some time. If nothing else, we should be reassured that PN are not simply filling chairs with poorly trained staff.