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Registered: 11-10-2007 half sin half angel!
has its ups and downs!!!!
from its poor speeds to router problems!
i have tryed 2 migrate from pn a few times but everytime,
some how, my account was moved to a free pipe and everything worked again! with good speeds! the it all goes tits up! again!

This time, i was on the home premier 512k @ £21.99 a month.
Before my sync speed was 570,000bps (Normal 512k)
around a week ago, my sync speed is 1.1Mbit.
i was suffering from slow web speeds when surfing the net. (around 200k - 380k)
But when downloading http and ftp files, it was downloading around 1mbit.

i had a friend from a knowen ISP to investigate and he did some tests and came up with this:
My line is on a 1Mbit port @ the exchange.
But Plusnet was port throttling the web traffic down to 400- Kbps
But other network traffic such as downloads, bypassed the throtte.

Now i have asked plusnet to upgrade my account to the 2mbit package and was told it would cost £14.99 :-o shocking!!!! if i've been paying £21.99 for the past two years for a service priced at £14.99, this sould be done free of charge!!!!

Within 5 hours Plusnet has put my account on a 1Mbit package,
im now getting speeds of 970kbps :-D

But i must emphasis, My line could go faster!
please dont stop trying becuase plusnet has been the best isp i have been with becuase when they get into problems, they know they are! and they fix it!
Others lie and bullshi* to customers!
Others dont say a word and let customers get poor service!

This time i am happy with plusnet! Welldone!!!!!
keep it up!