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Registered: 25-08-2007 connection probs.

I finished with freeserve dial up and went to broadband with What a mistake. I can never rely on a connection and every 2-3 weeks I lose the connection and end up spending a fortune to hang on the phone waiting for support that do nothing.
N/A connection probs.

2-3 weeks seams good! I have had about 10-12 hours connection in the last 4 weeks! and a ticket as long as your arm or should that be leg! it has droped out 3 time whilst trying to contact plus net and leave (make that 4 time) this message. thay took my money (5 times) for another month during this period and say bt dont refund them so thay will NOTt refund me, i have been told by ofcom to get "details of your provider's ADR scheme" which i am waiting for. Don't hold (6 times) your breath.........

I have had 6 disconections in the last 20 mins for a reply that should have taken me 3 mins at the most, good luck all wayne........
N/A connection probs.

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