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Plus Theft?


Plus Theft?

Just so you all know what kind of criminals you're dealing with:-

Card authorisation was withdrawn.
Question Topic: Your question | ID: 19674277 Closed
Your comment 11:57am, Friday 23rd June 2006
The account details section of the site appears to be saying that I\'ve authorised a payment due on July 5th - I haven\'t.

If you recall ticket #19146762 I said :-

\"1. I\'ve cancelled the direct debit, because I want to confirm every payment, basically because I don\'t trust Plus Net.\"

I want to see a bloody invoice before you take money out of my bank account, I\'m not having a re-run of last months theft of £1.25.

This ticket should be taken as notice that you do not have authorisation to take money from ANY bank account I may have without first receiving my EXPLICIT authorisation.

The credit - names removed, at least this guy did respond..
Question Topic: Your question | ID: 19572017
CSC Agent 2:36pm, Monday 12th June 2006

Your account is currently £1.25 in credit, this will reduce your next bill by the same amount.
Hope this helps to clear the matter up for you.

My "invoice" - as you can see no deductions:-
Invoice Number 6131374
Date 05/07/2006
Customer flurble
Qty Description Unit VAT Gross
1 Account Billing (2006-07-05 to 2006-08-04) And Scheduled Payments £12.76 £2.23 £14.99
1 1GB Additional Data Transfer Charge Until 05/07/2006 £1.06 £0.19 £1.25

The theft (14.99 was owed, however 1.25 was not and it wasn't an authorised transaction anyway).
6 Jul 2006 POS 8368 05JUL06 1438 , PLUSNET PLC , SHEFFIELD - 16.24

What should I do with this?

Do I go to the police? Seems a bit drastic, but a listed company shouldn't
be running round robbing people should it?

My bank? - Natwest unlikely to give a damn about anything... probably make a good wine bar though..

I've now put gibberish into the card section on the site, but they might still
have my card details, how do I stop them?

Tried the ticket system of course, but a week later nothing is happening as per.
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Plus Theft?

If you've gone over the downlad limnit for your account then 1.25 will be due. The DD we set up is a variable dd where by we give pn permission to take variable payment ammounts as due. If I go over my payg 6gb limit then I'll be charged 1.25 extra per 2gb.

It the way the account is designed.

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Re: Plus Theft?


What should I do with this?

You write them a letter and follow their compliants process outlining your problems and how you would like it to be resolved.


Plus Theft?

Yes, but I was already 1.25 in credit, so only 14.99 was due.

The direct debit authorisation was withdrawn because of the previous overbilling that resulted in the credit.

This transaction was through switch not the DD.

Plus Theft?

You write them a letter and follow their compliants process outlining your problems and how you would like it to be resolved.

I went to Help & Support -> Billing -> Incorrectly billed -> Entered problem raising a ticket.

The last response was telling me that I had to pay a further 72 quid to get out of this extortion racket.