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Plus Net service


Plus Net service

I have often complained about the slow speed, connection problems etc, and Plus net has always claimed BT was to blame.

It seem like in my case Plus Net was right!!

All my problems seem to have disapeared now, after 2 complete line breakdowns on my phone line have been fixed. Maybe there has been a line problem all the time that only affected the ADSL relaiability, and when that was fixed, every thing works perfectly.

Sorry about that PlusNet Support! BT WAS to blame.

RE: Plus Net service

Hi Stig,

> Sorry about that PlusNet Support! BT WAS to blame.

Ten out of ten for honesty!!

It does go to show though, that although many faults can appear at times to be related to your ISP, this is not always the case and in fact the majority of the time the problem does reside with BT themselves.

Again, thanks for coming clean! Cheesy


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