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Plus Net Do Not Backup Their Email System


Plus Net Do Not Backup Their Email System


I recently lost all of my email (150MB) that was stored on Plus Net's IMAP system, at their behest I may add. They had evidently reprovisioned some mailboxes as I ended up with 6 of the same name and also received all the auto-provisioning email notifications from some mailboxes that I had deleted over a year ago, they mysteriously re-appeared. But all my current email simply vanished overnight.

I raised a ticket and it took Plus some three weeks to respond, and even then only after raising two official complaints. Their response was that they do not have an archive of my old mails. Ergo Plus do not backup their email system. Does anyone else find this more than a little poor and ill-thought out for a company selling services?

I am a technical architect of large-scale solutions myself (including having designed ISP architectures) and I can honestly say I would never sign-off or design a single component, certainly one so key as email, without a disaster recovery and backup plan in place. I've recommended two businesses and many friends to use Plus, but one cannot safely run a business using an ISP that does not consider email important enough to backup. So we're all off to Zen Internet, who are reputedly a far safer bet.

Guess I just wanted to air my feelings on what a shoddy two-bit company Plus have become over the last year.

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Plus Net Do Not Backup Their Email System


I'm sorry to hear that some of your mail has been lost, whilst I don't know the specifics of what has happened here I can tell you how the "disaster recovery" works regarding email.

The email storage consists of two storage arrays, a master and a slave. Each one uses RAID with hot disk backups so in the event of a disk failure the data can immediately be replicated onto a hot spare without any loss of data. The data on the primary storage array is also replicated onto the secondary array, which is kept at a seperate physical data centre so in the event of a failure of the whole array a copy of the data is available to be switched over to as a backup to the primary.

We don't though take snapshot backups of the mail data. We deliver hundreds of thousands, probably millions of mails per day which will cause millions of read/writes to the data every single day. It's almost a living database without the amount of changes that are constantly being made. A live replicated database backup is the best way of backing up the data in this situation.
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Plus Net Do Not Backup Their Email System

For figures, this week we have been deliverying an average of around 12,000,000 mails.