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Plus Net Customer feedback


Plus Net Customer feedback

Up until recently I have found PlusNet very good and recommend it to everyone.

However recently I attempted an ADSL upgrade and at first everything was going fine and I was notified that my account was active a couple of weeks ago.

Since then I have found after many hours of frustration that the account is not active and I only have a criptic clue about ahat the problem might be in the contact us section.

Since Monday last week espite several attempts to get more information, Nothing!

I understand that the issues may be with BT rather than PlusNet, but the failure to respond to my requests for information really is letting PlusNet down at the moment. Even a new ticket has now remained unanswered for the past twenty four hours and the previous one is now unanswere for a week and a half.

Come on PlusNet, this is supposed to be the information age. Restore my faith with some feedback soon.

Simon Warburton
Posts: 1,248
Registered: 10-04-2007

Plus Net Customer feedback

Hi Simon,

As per our telephone conversation, we are still awaiting for BT to remove the DACs from your line. I apologise that this situation has been dragging on, but we are simply going on BT's information. Hopefully we can get them to remove it soon.

Excelent Feedback


Information faster than a speeding bullet straight to my mobile ten minutes after posting on this forum.

I only wanted confirmation that the delay was what I thought it was and for my light user dialup account to be reconnected while I await the upgrade. This I now have to my complete satisfaction.

I still don't have broadband in the darkest depths of Wales yet but at least I now know what the problem is and I can return to my previous favourite passtime of moaning about BT rather than PlusNet. After all I have waited five years for this twentieth Century Technology. A couple more weeks won't hurt me.

Who says PlusNet aren't a good company, not me!!!!!

Excelent forum.