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Pleased Overall


Pleased Overall

Overall i am extremely pleased with so far. I do not use USENET and so the new 15gb limit doesn't effect me, though im ralatively busy, i just havent got around to checking it out really. I've been with you guys a month now and yeh, im not limited in what i can do. However my only problem currently is getting d/c. Its bareable at the moment, ill maybe get d/c 3 times a week max and even then its relatively brief. My question is this though. Is there any way to stop this? I am behind a router, i get full router signal and strength but no internet. This could possibly be my phone line as i had the same problem (only much worse) with wanadoo.

Thanks for the great service so far plus net!

Pleased Overall

Hello and welcome Fredplatt to the PN forums,

I hope you enjoyt your time with Plusnet and that it will be trouble free.

As for your problem, is your router plugged into the main BT Master socket ?
If not then I suggest checking the extension cable you are using an eleminating this, also Try changing your filters as it may be slightly faulty.

Please advise us further and someone will be bound to help you Smiley

Once again, Enjoy your stay with Plunset Smiley

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Pleased Overall

Given the infrequent-ness of your disconnections it's going to be hard to troubleshoot. For eg, the suggestion above would take upto a couple of weeks to test.

What are your line stats? Which router do you have? It may well provide them.

It may be that you are borderline for your sync speed and perhaps bad weather etc... slightly pushes the stats over the boundaries.

Pleased Overall

Thank you for the fast reply Cheesy yes, it is plugged into the master socket. I beleive this is a problem with BT after browsing other topics. Thanks again for your quick reply and help.