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Please update call ID: 20734715


Please update call ID: 20734715


I asked these questions of the support team:

1) Downgrade may account to a free dial account
2) Refund any monies owed for this month (from 19/11/06 onward)
3) Cancel the direct debit

I received one update on the 20th (for which I am thankful) which read:

I am forwarding your request to the relevant department for further processing.

Please continue to monitor this ticket for any further updates.

I have monitored the ticket, but other than replies from me asking for some feedback there is nothing, so sadly I'm forced to do the only think i know that works - come and complain on the forums!

I really didn't want to do this but every time I've had an issue its been sorted here, not through the support system.

Anyway I won't have access to my mail for a week so I hope you guys here sort things out.