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Please supply a MAC key?


Please supply a MAC key?

Please could someone supply me with a MAC key so I can leave?

Asked on Tues 29 but no meaningful response as to when I can expect it.

I have waited a month without service; with your new commitment to customer service I expect you to now move significantly quicker.

Many thanks.
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Re: Please supply a MAC key?

Please could someone supply me with a MAC key

you may have to wait a wee while - I believe it comes in an e-mail! Wink

Good luck in your travels to pastures new.

Please supply a MAC key?

I requested mine at

10:22pm, Tuesday 29th August 2006

and was issued with it at

8:28am, Thursday 31st August 2006

via the Ticket service (ID 20171753) so you "may" not have to wait too much longer.


Please supply a MAC key?

It's an LLU key. I'm a bit puzzled though because I've been told both

"Please check whether your new ISP is participatiing in the Reverse LLU Migration Pilot, and let us know if they are. We can then supply a MAC key, although because this is a trial, it is a manual process and may take several days. Please also note that very few ISP's are able to process a reverse MAC key, at this time."


"Dear Mr Merrony ... You are still on the LLU product and we are trying to fix your fault. Your options are not limited as most providers are taking part in the LLU option and so will be able to take on your service should you wish to move. Thank you."

Very confusing!

Please supply a MAC key?

I've believe it's the first one.

Please supply a MAC key?

The first was the response to asking to leave; the second was an (earlier) response to asking to be migrated back from LLU. How strange! Just hope someone from PN can clarify.

Please supply a MAC key?

From the people posting on this forum, LLU keys can take anything from 7 days to 3+ weeks to generate with the excuse being "it's a totally manual process".


Manager asks employee: "So, what did you accomplish this month?"

Employee says "I generated an LLU MAC key!"

Manager: "It took you a month to do that?"

Employee: "It's a totally manual process, you know."


Please supply a MAC key?

Plusnet: when will you give me my MAC key? Thanks