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Please read Plusnet CS!!!!!


Please read Plusnet CS!!!!!

Received this today

Actioned : Dear Mr Horwood,
We cannot cancel your account without taking out the £14.99 fee that we paid to migrate you in. Further more the cut of date for rejecting the neww terms and conditions was the 16th off sept. if you want to cancel its 30days notice. and if you do cancel your payments fail, then this will make you account in debt and it will be escalated.

(Agents name removed as per forum rules)

My response.....

You have already taken the £14-99

and I rejected the T & C's on the 16/09/05.

You have already closed my DSL account so resetting the usage will have no effect.

If in doubt please refer to a CS supervisor who has access to closed tickets!!!!
Email Notification status: On

This efficiency is one of the reasons I left PlusNet!!!

If they escalate because I have killed my DD then I will see them in the Small Claims Court as the £14-99 has come out of my account.

Simon Evil

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Please read Plusnet CS!!!!!


I've taken a look at your account, and have added a response to the ticket in question.

Please read Plusnet CS!!!!!

Cheers Jonathan!!!


Please read Plusnet CS!!!!!

How can you insist that I am still still on PlusNet DSL service when I'm using F2S account details?

My response


But my connection to you was ceased on 29/09/05, my connection dropped and I had to use my Freedom 2 Surf account details to log back on.
I don't think that you can have 2 accounts with different ISP's operating at the same time.

I had confirmation mail from F2S

Welcome to freedom2surf! Your migration order for *********** has now been COMPLETED.

You have selected the Monthly Contract Conditions.

Your migration was completed on 2005-09-28 (year-month-day) and your first billing term & installation fee (if applicable) will be debited shortly. All dates quoted in this email are the final and confirmed contract dates and supersede any provisional dates quoted previously.

Can someone please sort this out and stop threatening me with 3rd party debt collectors!!!!

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Please read Plusnet CS!!!!!

Is this one of the "if you rejected the T's & C's the 30 day notice does not apply".

Looking at the dates and the basics I can glean from the posts above, it seems you may have been billed for another months usage as your billing date fell within 30 days of your MAC request.

However if you cited the T's & C's as your reason for leaving, then the 30 days should not apply, and the only reason ou should have been charged is if your billing date fell before your migration date of the 29th.

If it did then you should be due a refund on everything after the 29th.

If it didn't then it looks like someone missed the rejection of the T's & C's on your ticket and treated it as a standard migration.

In either case I'm sure another look at the ticket by CS will clear it up.

Hope thats correct -just trying to help.

EDIT: If you have cancelled your DD and a payment was due then that will be the reason for the letter. It may be that you don't actually owe the full £14.99 as you may be due a refund for unused days - but in order to do that you would have to pay the full £14.99 and then PN refund you the unused days. (rather than charge for the used days). Hope that makes sense

Please read Plusnet CS!!!!!


Hopefully someone willHuh?