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Please let me leave! Ticket: 20131586


Please let me leave! Ticket: 20131586

How hard is it to leave this demoralising ISP? Sad
Please could someone address ticket 20131586 as soon as possible? Almost 30 days have passed (two days notice left)since I raised the subject of wanting to Leave. I have already signed up to Orange internet, but Plusnet's deliberate delay in taking the (extortionate) payment of £72 is causing me great problems. Along with the hundreds of horror stories on the internet, I am petrified to stay one minute longer with this failing company.

Why can no one at PN tell me specifically what card details they want?
Why can't they take the payment from the direct debit card (as I have authorised a couple of times)? Evil

I just want to leave but PN's useless replies are making everything so difficult. I have already received a few hundred pounds in compensation from Talk Talk this week, which I'm using to pay Plusnet. Do I have to go down similar avenues just to force PN to take the payment?!

Please help. Very desperate.
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Please let me leave! Ticket: 20131586

Hi there,

I've added a response to your ticket. If you want to post when you've replied I will sort the MAC out for you.

Please let me leave! Ticket: 20131586

Thanks for the reply...But you keep asking for the same thing - my credit card details. How many times do I say "I have no credit card" to you?
I have one card in life - the visa electron you use for direct debits. How many times do I have to say this?
Is there is an assumption in this country that we all have credit cards? Fools have credit cards. Are we all assumed to be fools in the UK now?
Can you not just direct me to the best way to pay immediately!? I have given you every card detail including the 16-digit number yet nothing has been done. Do you not read the previous points on the ticket?

So once again...I HAVE NO CREDIT CARD. How do I pay immediately?

PS...I have no credit card

Please let me leave! Ticket: 20131586

You could try contacting Ofcom for advice and lodge a complaint.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Please let me leave! Ticket: 20131586


As a one off payment we can take a cheque, I've added the details to the ticket for you.