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Please give me my MAC Code ASAP!!!!!


Please give me my MAC Code ASAP!!!!!

Please give me my MAC Code ASAP!!!!!

I cannot live with my P2P limited to 67KPs even for one day!!!!! Unacceptable!!! To me P2p is the most important data and Plusnet have no right to decide this is not important.

Plusnet once great ISP is now completely useless for my needs.

1. Constantly changing goal posts, which are now too low for my needs (was 150GB DEC 2004 which I have been strictly keeping below now it’s only 100GB) (my usage is 100-120GB, !!I limit it to this!!).
2. Don’t accept the new PlusNet terms and conditions
3. Plusnet is too cheap, too many light users using there connections at peak times!!!! (I’m prepared to pay upto £35 a month for a uncapped, unmetered, unmanaged, unshaped 2MEG connection).
4. sort out you marketing and make the limits clear on your website, I would have been away long ago if there were set limits that are too low for my needs)

I will be migrating ASAP, so please can you REMOVE THIS LIMIT IMMEDIATELY as my connection is useless to me without P2P until the migration completes.

Note: After migration is successful could you down-grade my account to a pay-as-you-go dial up account to keep my email account alive for a few months.

Bandwidth Monitor Pro Monthly report

Month Download Upload Total
2005 September 36.28 GB 6.49 GB 42.77 GB
2005 August 75.37 GB 21.32 GB 96.69 GB
2005 July 105.41 GB 22.64 GB 128.05 GB
2005 June 100.28 GB 16.89 GB 117.16 GB
2005 May 89.07 GB 17.45 GB 106.52 GB
2005 April 103.32 GB 27.72 GB 131.04 GB
2005 March 90.66 GB 18.52 GB 109.17 GB

Last three months usage using plusnet usage tool: -
Aug-Sep 102.8GB
Jul-Aug 131.17GB
Jun-Jul 120.25GB

Extremely Unhappy exCustomer

Colin K McCord BEng, MIEE Sad
(Plusnet customer since 25/04/2003, 04/2003 to 11/2004 excellent ISP the best, 12/2004 to 06/2005 going down hill fast, 07/2005 onwards, now one of the worst ISPs on the market)

-----Original Message-----
From: Customer Support []
Sent: 15 September 2005 16:53
Subject: Important - usage on your broadband account

Your username: mccord

Dear Colin Kenneth McCord,

It has come to our attention that you have been heavily using your broadband service in recent months. This amount of usage is not sustainable for your product type.

You have received this email for two reasons:

- You have used over 100GB of data a month, at least twice in the last three months.


- You have used over 30GB of data a month during peak-time hours, at least twice in the last three months.

Peak-time hours: 4pm-12am (midnight)

What's wrong with my usage?

Broadband is a contended service. This means excessively high usage by individuals will have a negative impact on the service of other customers. Please see the Beginner's Guide to Contention for a full explanation -

To ensure we continue to provide all of our customers with high quality broadband at a great-value price, we operate a Sustainable Usage policy -

What happens next?

Peak-time management will be applied to your broadband service for the next 30 days.

This means data intensive usage, including peer-2-peer, USENET and SSH traffic, will be restricted to a maximum speed of 67Kbps, during peak-time hours (4pm-midnight), 7 days a week. Standard web browsing and email will not be affected.

The restricted service will be lifted after 30 days.

Peak-time management can be applied twice in a 6 month period. Unsustainable usage for a third time will mean 24/7 management is applied indefinitely to your service, with speed restrictions on ALL traffic, 24/7.

What should I do?

If you want peak-time management to be lifted from your service, you have two options:

1. Agree to modify your usage and peak management will be lifted. Do this by raising a new query in the Contact Us wizard tool and following the High Usage Enquiries link -

2. Upgrade to a Residential Broadband Premier or Business Broadband product that meets your usage needs - peak-time management will be instantly lifted. Upgrade here -

If you don't choose one of these options, peak-time management will remain applied for 30 days.

From now on, please begin to reduce your usage and schedule large downloads for off-peak periods.

You can monitor your monthly usage on the View My Usage tool in the portal Member Centre -

For more information and tips, please see the Sustainable Usage policy guide -

If you wish to cancel your broadband service, outstanding contractual notice periods will be waived on this occasion. Please note, any deferred hardware, activation or migration payments must be paid in full.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,
PlusNet Customer Support

This email has been sent as it contains important information about your service from PlusNet. Please do not reply to this email, as this is an unmonitored address.
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Please give me my MAC Code ASAP!!!!!

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