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Please can someone from PN Tech reset my account


Please can someone from PN Tech reset my account

Please can someone from PN Tech reset my account. I've been receiving less than dial up speeds for a week now on p2p. I know it's down to some sort of p2p shaping as the speeds are fine between off peak but during your new peak hours I'm being throttled.

Please don't say run speed tests I've done all that & they have come back fine from BT test, PN test & ADSL Guide test. Web surfing is fine only p2p is being throttled.

I was well within my limits for my billing cycle which has just ended on 20th Dec so my p2p traffic should not be being shaped.

I raised a ticket on Wednesday of this week & it has not been addressed. I've called the CS team several times & on each occasion I've been told they can do nothing about it & that they have no contact with the Tech department & can only contact the tech dept via a ticket.

The CS team say they don't want to loose my custom but I'm fed up of being fobbed off like this. I find it impossible to believe that CS team have no telephone conatct with the Tech team.

Please can someone look into this as I'm getting nowhere with CS team.

Many thanks