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Please answer Ticket 20174809


Please answer Ticket 20174809

I have had no broadband for a month now! Can you imagine how fed up I am! probably not? If you post on a ticket... nothing, but usually I get a response when I resort to the discussion boards.

I felt a few days ago after BT's eventual intervention (It took PN 3 weeks before they got BT involved) I was going to get the problem fixed. BT even phoned me and sms'd me several times in the first day, real keen like, but then alas as always seems to be the case it all goes quiet again.

One month and still no service!? Has anybody else been out as long and still not quit PN?
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Please answer Ticket 20174809

2 months and counting!

although, that was BTs fault for not clearing a marker on the line, but thats been gone nearly a week now, and no response from plusnet. Q20207969 if anyone wants to take a look (subtle hint...)
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Please answer Ticket 20174809

Hi stevemayoh.

Your fault is currently with our faults team but BT are not available to talk to at weekends.

You should receive an answer very shortly, but at the momenent - this is in the hands of BT.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful on this occasion.