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Please Read for Usenet NewsSync Access

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Please Read for Usenet NewsSync Access

Following on from the comments and poll results of this thread, rather than making the Usenet Sync innaccessible as was originally planned, we've decided to simply hide the two forums. This means that the majority of forum users (who don't appear to use the NewsSync) can't blunder in accidently, but users who do wish to have access can easily do so. Just post in this thread requesting access, and soon as myself, Colin (csogilvie), or Philip (acarr) get the chance we'll give you access. I would ask that you do not PM us however, in the hope that you'll be granted access quicker... there's often one of us viewing the forums anyway, so it shouldn't take too long for your request to be seen. Besides, there's always the Portal usenet reader should anyone require quick access to all the Usenet groups.

I hope this an acceptable compromise for everyone! Cool

Oh, and lastly, can I please ask that this thread is kept for requesting access only - not discussions. To discuss the Usenet synch forums, please visit this thread.


access requested

Please give me access.
Thanks, Wayne

[Done - acarr]

Please Read for Usenet NewsSync Access

Please allow access for me also,


[Done - acarr]
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Please Read for Usenet NewsSync Access

Could i have access please?

Thanks Wink

[Done - Thomas]