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Platinum, Silver Gold - Interesting article

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Platinum, Silver Gold - Interesting article

This was posted in the plusnet.service.customer-feedback usenet forum

I take no credit for finding it or making the original post. Found it very interesting. Looks like PN is "ahead" of the game

Platinum, Silver Gold - Interesting article

Interesting,,, you never know.

Platinum, Silver Gold - Interesting article


A VERY VERY good article which really leave's you thinking alot about the future of the internet we all currently take for granted here in the UK. And NOT only that but the other comment I would make on this subject is that if the internet is privateized in the USA it would only be a matter of 12 -18months before the same happened here too. (so think on that one!!).

**Also worth noting that F9 PlusNet already has the ability to measure internet traffic flows by internet protocols i.e. type of traffic so I would be at all suprised if F9 could perform or already performs deep packet inspection. If fact DPI is not rocket science and has been around for some time, its NOT new at all.

**But the idea that my internet useage be measured and billed bye protocol let alone content, ontop of bandwidth used is something that feels objectionable and abhorant. I hope it never ever reaches that kind of inpass?

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Platinum, Silver Gold - Interesting article

We do indeed already have the ability to carry out DPI on traffic passing through our network, and this is used as part of the Clean To management on Premier and the general management of Plus.

As for charging on a per protocol basis, I can't see this happening in such a cut and dry fashion. Though I'd expect to see something along the lines of the following:

Joe is on a BB+, or similar, package and is generally happy with the way that his connection runs, as he doesn't use that much p2p. However, Quake 6 is released and is only available via p2p download, so being the gamer that he is he wants to download it now, rather than wait. So he goes along to his ISP and pays £X for YGB of 'clean' p2p usage, and then uses this to download his new game.