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Ping spikes


Ping spikes

Hello, i play counter-strike and about 2-3 weeks ago my ping started occasionally spiking to 500ms+ be like that for about 5 minutes then go back to normal :shock: . Its not happening with any kind of regularity sometimes it wont happen for a few days other times it'll do it about 3 or 4 times a night. The problem doesnt seem to be with any specific server host either, was just wondering if anyone knows what the problem is?

Ping spikes

Are you on LLU?

This started happening to me after I was put onto LLU, some days it would be fine but then others it would be unplayable..

After suffering for a while and it not improving I then raised a support ticket with PN under the LLU Speed Issues option, supplied them with the results of various speed tests I had done over the past month, and waited...

Eventually someone responded to my ticket (after a little prompting from myself on here) and said that the speed/ping issues may be due to a fault on my line (though I have always suspected the Tiscali LLU equipment and management) and they have now implemented some profile changing on my line in an attempt to make things more stable. However, this has come at the expense of my overall speed dropping by 0.5mbps downsteam and 0.25mbps upstream. Sad

As this only happened yesterday I still cannot say if it has helped overall yet. I have been gaming since last night and things generally seem more stable but things were generally ok in the days leading up to PN making this change too. I will obviously keep testing over the coming week or so and report back to PN if that has made the difference and probably report back here too for others that may be having similar issues.

Hope that helps ya... Wink