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Personalised Portal Homepage

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Registered: 15-09-2007

Personalised Portal Homepage

Have Plus net thought of allowing us to personalise their log-in page - many sites I visit and previous ISPs had this facility.

It is really irritating to see the same old information about changing to ADSL when I already have it. Also I may not want to know what the current pole results are.

I want a log-in page that recognises me and gives me approppriate content.

Any chance of this Plus Net or are you too busy trying to manage your success - that is you looked so good that lots of us joined up and now you seem to be struggling to meet demands, that is if the comments from the groups on d/load speeds, ping rates, etc - and in my case number of attempts to connect to the portal are anything to go by.

seero :|

RE: Personalised Portal Homepage

I will put this forward as an idea for future development.

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RE: Personalised Portal Homepage

It's even more irritating to have ADSL rammed down your throat when you ***cannot*** get it - and yes, I have registered my interest.

Even 128K ISDN would be helpful - and yes, I know via ispreview that it's gone from soon to very soon.