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Peer to peer software download problems


Peer to peer software download problems

Hey ive just recently signed up to the plusnet 14.99 service. The problem i am having is that i am unable to download from software such as MIRC, or even limewire. Why is this? I rang them up and they were pretty "USELESS" to me. All they said was that its my pc...which is total rubbish...ive not had no problems downloading when i was with a different ISP. Has anyone experienced these problems? Any suggestions?

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Peer to peer software download problems

When you signed up, I take it you didn't fully read the documentation! The use of P2P is severely limited on BB+!

Although, saying that I myself have just recently signed up for BB+ too (prelim. activation, 23rd of this month) but I'm OK with it as I hardly ever use P2P software. I just grab the odd mp3 every now and then on Limewire.

Peer to peer software download problems

Which of the two £14.99 products have you chosen?

Broadband Plus or Broadband PAYG?

If you have chosen Broadband Plus, then this is caused by port block in place, to increase security for customers.

These blocks are not intended to prevent you using the software, but I believe PlusNet are looking into allowing things like DCC to work whilst maintaining the security.

You can however work around them.

In mIRC, open the options dialog and select the "Options" item under the "Connect" branch.

Click the "advanced" button and set the following.

1: Tick DCC
2: Set the First box to a value above 1029
3: Set the Last box to a vallue the same or above the value in the First box

OK the settings, and make sure that any hardware port forwards are setup to match these ports, if you need them (only applies to routers). You may also need to change firewall settings (most will self adjust, hardware firewalls may not though).

As for Limewire, look for settings for ports. If any value started with "1024", increase this value to one above "1029". This should cure that issue.

If you are seeing this issue on a Broadband PAYG package, then you may need to reaise a ticket. You may have been applied an incorrect network profile, that needs adjusting.

Please do reply though, to let us know how you get on.

Peer to peer software download problems


You sir are a legend! Thanks for that. MIRC is working away fine! The guy i spoke to on the CS line was pretty useless and you helped me out in no time.

As for limewire....well it works which is good, however its remarkably slow- but that i can understand i guess as i have a PLUS account.
what i did was go into the options- Firewall Config and changed the listen to port to 1029-im not sure if thats what i was meant to do.
Theres other options in there which i am not sure about.....such as proxy options-which im not sure are related.It does however have a port and proxy option.
But hey Thank you v much

Peer to peer software download problems

There should be no need to touch any other settings.

The fact Limewire is working (albeit slow as you noted), is a good sign, and shows no problems re: these port blocks.

Still looking bleak............

Im still having alot of difficulty getting MIRC working properly...only a few packets are accepted. Most just dont seem to download at all.

I know its my settings, but what i dont know.
Ive changed my port to 1029 to 5000 an yet most packets wont download.
Can anyone help?

Peer to peer software download problems

If blocked ports where the problem, then you would not get any data at all.

Even a few packets of data is enough to say it isn't the port causing this.

Do you get the same issue in the morning?

Peer to peer software download problems

Yeah good point
Ive been trying it out this morning. Same thing really.

Also, ive been trying to download off bit torrent clients. It works fine. Is 30k a normal download speed? Im not sure what PN mean by peak times? Is that 9-5 or is it after...all bit confusing