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Peak time usage - Am I bothered


Peak time usage - Am I bothered

Never used to be, I am now.

Got an email today telling me that peak time usage had been lifted, which was interesting as I never got an email telling me it was in place (and I have checked back on the service/ticket area).]

My main gripe is TOTAL usage on my account over the last 3 months has been under 30 gig and the 4 - midnight usage has been around 12-15gig (on premier by the way). Surely no part of the usage policy has been broken?

Anyway ticket raised awaiting a response, hopefully just me being a numpty, would hate to have to start siding with others against Plusnet as until now I've been a happy bunny and have had no reason for concern.

Perhaps I might be glad of taking the monthly service.
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Peak time usage - Am I bothered

Funnily enough my father's account got exactly the same messages.
BB+ and he never used to use over about 2GB a month.
However I checked his machine over the other day as he said it was "acting funny" and found a trojan on it. Hence his increased useage.
If he'd have been notified I'd have caught the trojan earlier.
AGAIN I find myself hacked off with PNet.