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Peak time times (if that makes sense...)


Peak time times (if that makes sense...)

Hello all,

Having read all the FUP/SUP/ZUP etc. etc. etc. yakety smackety, I feel I am fully up to speed, but have one question.

I notice at the moment there are confusingly two 'peak times'. I understand that the intention is to merge these into one 'Peak Time'. My question is when is this going to happen? And what will the final 'Peak Time' be?

I know, that was two questions rather than one but I can't be bothered to edit the text and insert plurals etc.!

Oh wait, I thought of another one.
Will the 30GB/100GB (for Premier 2Mb) fair usage levels remain the same or alter when Peak Time is defined?

Many thanks in advance!
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Peak time times (if that makes sense...)

We're hoping to do this soon, but don't have any set dates at the moment. As for what the time period will be, this will be 4pm - miodnight.

As for the SUP usage levels, these will remain the same.