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Peak time capping & customer relations


Peak time capping & customer relations

I recieved this email this morning ( below), whilst not agreeing with their policy I would have followed it if I had been told of the new arangements.
So instead of telling me I was approaching any new limits I get an email telling me that my peak time usage was to be capped untill I behaved myself.
I had signed up for 29.99 - 4Mb service after reading the sustainanable usage policy which stated that 150 gb total usage and 40 Gb peak time usage would be a limit below which no penalties would be incurred for this service. Also on the recomendations of a (so called) friend who had been with them for a while.

I have never come near the limits originally set in the SUP and now am treated like a child - some service.They certainly need to have a look at the PR side of things.
Am going through the ticket service (fob -off service !) but does anyone know how to get out of this arrangement without massive financial penalties. I have paid 3 months and they are saying I have to pay the outstanding 9 months before I can get relief from this ferago.

Your peak-time P2P, FTP and Usenet usage has exceeded the first level of
the Broadband Premier usage policy. To find out more about the published
usage limits please go to

Level 1 management has been applied to your service during peak hours for
P2P, FTP and Usenet. All other protocols are not affected by this change to
your service.

Your Broadband service will continue to be managed until your next billing
date at which time peak-time usage management will be removed. If your peak
usage continues to increase further peak-time usage management levels may
be applied to your service.

In order to avoid further management levels we would advise you to reduce
your usage and schedule large downloads outside the hours of 8am to

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,
PlusNet Customer Support

Peak time capping & customer relations

Russo ( I assume to be this your name? ),

I agree that customers should have been emailed about the new provisions.
However as they had not you have been unaware of the situation. If you look at my sig, there is a section called info. If you look at the vision for 2006 link you will see how the current added system works, which is in conjunction with the SUP.

The peak times mentioned ( 8AM till MIDNIGHT ) should be changing att he end of feb back to 4PM till midnight.


Final post

Have recieved my MAC and am moving today.
When I arrived on PN I read all the SUP/FUP statements and was in general supportive of them appreciating that there is no free lunch and realizing that BB+ was unsustainable I went with the 4MB package with 150/45 Mb limits in the hope that this would keep me clear of any capping or critisism of my usage .
My first months download was 115Gb but as I had been out of the country for the previous 6 Months this was exceptional it then setled down to 50 - 60 GB p/m which I thought was sustainable ,never exeeding the peak time caps.
I had no complaints about the service as everything I required was being delivered .I had noticed some slowdowns in downloads recently as I can compare with a few other users on AOL & BT who were downloading similar stuff but at a quicker rate but that did not concern me as I was getting what i needed.
The background hiss of dissent on the forums I just put down to the usual freeloaders whining about being brought down to reality.
However on Saturday when I recieved my email telling me about the Level 1 cap and then discovering that peak time had been extended from 8am - 00.00 I was fuming that I had not been informed of these facts. I contact CS and got the usual "nothing to see here move along" responce then when asked to move was told I had to pay balance of contract ,then asked to downgraded from now useless 4Mb service was told 14.99 or nothing.
They escalated the thing untill i was really angry and got hold of CISAS ,OFFCOM and a few others, subsequently was offered an MAC with 30 days notice and 14.99 payment.
I calmed down and thought things through rationally

1/ If PN had explained their position to me I would have certainly still be here
2/I was in broad agreement with their new policy exept for 8-12 peak time which apparently is temporary
3/ If any other service provider in any other sector (food ,labour,leisure ,entertainment etc) changed conditions and penalised me retroactivley then left me to find out why, would I be as angry? - damn right I would.

To sum up - this has been a PR fiasco turning well intentioned & lucrative customers into vehement critics .
I hope that your management can see this otherwise I can see no hope for PN in the future.
I am not leaving because of the caps or the policy but will not be treated like this by anyone .
A premium price for a premium service!!! Shockedops: