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Peak Time Management Workaround


Peak Time Management Workaround

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"Get unlimited broadband today!

Unlike some providers we don't impose limits on how much you use your broadband service. That means no usage caps, restrictions or running out of download time!

For the standard monthly price you will receive unlimited broadband with no restrictions on your Internet usage and downloading time. Other providers charge additional hidden costs when you reach a certain download limit but with our broadband you can enjoy the freedom to surf when you want for how long as you want, safe in the knowledge that you won't be stopped halfway through your surfing. "

After a quick phone call i have been assured that connections aren't throttled either.

The (Peak) time is nigh i'm afraid. Why should i pay for a service and not get what i was originally promised. (And i WAS promised unlimited) Pitty f9's definition of unlimited is different from mines.

Best Regards,

Soon to be Ex-Longtime client.