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Peak Time According to Plusnet


Peak Time According to Plusnet

Seeing has a lot of users are not sure what plusnet class as peak times heres taken from the

19. How do you know when my usage is unacceptable and what action will you take?
We don't monitor what you use your connection for, only how the amount of data you transfer affects our network. We can identify when a customer consistently transfers data in a manner which is unsustainable because it detriments the service supplied to other customers.

**The system will be primarily intended to protect capacity at peak times on the platform; these peak times are currently generally viewed as 16:00 - midnight.**

Once a customer has been identified through this system we'll contact them on an individual basis to inform them their usage is unsustainable. Only if the customer continues to use their connection in an unsustainable manner will action be taken. This action will be to individually assign that customer a different profile to their standard one and ensure their usage becomes sustainable during peak times. This process will enable the vast majority of our customers to continue to enjoy a great Broadband experience during peak times.