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Paying the deferred migration fee...

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Paying the deferred migration fee...

The ticket is a record of your request and is timestamped, so the 30 day notice will be from this date.

From your description it sounds like that no further action is required from yourself.

Paying the deferred migration fee...

...and escaping

My question is, how do I pay the fee?

I raised a ticked asking for a MAC.
Got a quick reply saying I needed to cough up
I pointed out the reason I was leaving was due to PN changing the product beyond all recognition therefore I felt it unfair to charge me - I had full intention of staying long term on the product I started with.
I didn't get anywhere :roll:
I was advised I still needed cough up in another quick reply

I replied that my CC details were still on file so they could take a payment but nothing has happened since.

Is that sufficient or do I need to do more?

I also asked for confirmation:
1. That my 30 days notice period will start from today, the day I have requested the MAC.
2. That should I decide not to use the MAC my account will not be terminated and my connection with Plusnet will continue.

Which were both overlooked. If any staff are passing, could you confirm please?
(Ticket #1779444Cool


Paying the deferred migration fee...

Cheers for the quick reply Smiley

Paying the deferred migration fee...

Althought you felt the product has changed, the T&Cs have been changed since your join date (if you migrated in at the same time you signed up).

These changes havn't come and gone mean you have effectivly agreed to any changes.

I doubt you would have much look trying to stop such a charge.

Paying the deferred migration fee...

I don't disagree - that's why I paid it. I could have tried to fight it, but I suspect the costs involved would rapidly rise past £14.99!

Yes the T&Cs changed, but the SUP came into being after the 16th Sept IIRC.
Also I was awaiting the result of the investigation into the slow usenet speeds - giving PN the benefit of doubt.

Anyway, MAC has now arrived (Thanks) so I'll be looking elsewhere.

It was good, and some aspects still are (Ben's quick reply for instance)
I sincerely hope PN return to the ISP they were.

Good luck to all those who surf the Plusnet way Smiley