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Paying for extra newserver....


Paying for extra newserver....

When downloading films/software/music from F9s newserver a lot of files come back as "Incomplete Grabs" or txt files with no info in them.

Now you can subscribe to get access to a separtate, dedicated news server where all the files come back complete and error free. (Tried and tested)

I was just wondering if I subscribe to the minimum PAYG service from F9 (ie 1GB limit) would downloading from the extrernal server come off the 1GB limit I have? I dont see why it should because you are commnicating with a completely different bit of hardware in cyberspace.



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Paying for extra newserver....

If you are on one of our PAYG Broadband accounts the usage that you are charged for is for all traffic, up and down, usenet, p2p, http etc. Anything that you do.

Having another account won't help with incompletes on usenet however, as you'd still be downloading from the same server.

What would help is to sign up for a free usenet account (there's quite a few about) which you can use. Normally they are slower, and don't allow multiple connections and have a low usage limit, but are great for getting the odd message the f9 server hasn't got.