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Pay as you go broadband


Pay as you go broadband

Do Plus Net have any plans to introduce a pay as you go broadband product e.g. something based on the amount of data transferred as opposed to time spent connected (and preferably without any monthly fixed fee!)?

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Pay as you go broadband

This has been asked before and as far as I can remember plusnet have no immediate plans for this. This does not mean they will or will not do something like this in the future but the current products are designed for a wide range of users.

In some respects the new broadband usage limited products cover this to some extent - allowing you to get ADSL with limited inclusive usage for what you used to pay for unlimited dialup.
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Pay as you go broadband

Hi there,

As long as BT charge us a fixed fee for individual ADSL connections then this sort of account - where you pay nothing if you don't use the connection, is simply not a viable option.

The new variable bandwidth accounts are very close to pay as you go however and are the closest that you are going to get at this time.