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Pay As You Go and the LAN fill Tax.

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Pay As You Go and the LAN fill Tax.

Has anybody else been forced to pay for an extra 1GB download because they went over the limit, uploading and restoring their CGI area?

I was less than 10% over the 1GByte limit and got charged.

I downloaded a linux iso, and then found that I had to upload my back up of my CGI area, after the disk crash, and got charged the PAYG LAN fill tax for 1extra Gbyte.

Does this extra 1Gbyte carry into the next month, or do I have to use it in the billing month?

I think that an Internet without a usage component in the charge is not really realistic, so I support a LAN fill tax.


Pay As You Go and the LAN fill Tax.

Fortunately I haven't used my limit on PAYG, although I have had to use a lot of it uploading the lost data to reconstruct my site on the cgi servers!

I, like yourself , think it would be a good idea to roll over unused Bandwidth and have stated this view a few times on the forum recently.

It's especially galling when you have to use a fraction over because of the cgi server problems.

Pay As You Go and the LAN fill Tax.

Every now and again someone comes up with a corker of a phrase.
The Lan fill tax is a brilliant play on words, made my day :lol: