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Pay As You Go - Subscription

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Pay As You Go - Subscription

I am considering an upgrade from BB+ to the special offer 10gb PAYG deal. I am a light user but I thought that this package would be simpler for me to understand and administer than the increasingly complicated BB+. However, I have spotted this statement in the Upgrade FAQ. -

"The monthly subscription of Broadband Pay As You Go and Broadband Home Lite products includes pre-paid data transfer, e.g. £14.99 (base monthly subscription) + £2 (pre-paid data transfer) = £16.99 (monthly subscription)."

Does this mean that the monthly subscription will be higher than the advertised £19.99?
Why would I have to pay for "pre-paid data transfer" when I will never reach the 10gb limit?

Any advice please.

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Pay As You Go - Subscription

I am currently on the 10GB payg and can confirm it only cost £19.99 per month.