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I was looking at the log file of my DG834G modem earlier on and noticed the following logs.

Sat, 2007-03-24 18:01:10 - TCP Packet - Source:,2521 Destination:,55551 - [DOS]
Sat, 2007-03-24 18:01:15 - TCP Packet - Source:,3143 Destination:,55551 - [DOS]

There seem to be about 10 every second and then repeat from the same sources.

Am I being paranoid or is this sometnig normal?

Thanks in advance


This is, sadly, standard background traffic on the internet.

As you state all are from the same source and are attempting to access the same port (and presumably service) it could be that you have been allocated an IP that was formerly used to provide some kind of service over the internet.

In all liklihood however it is random port scanning from a computer that has been compromised and is now part of a "bot net". This will be scanning IPs attempting to find vulnerabilities through which it can install malware.

If you have Windows XP SP2 installed then you should have a software firewall in addition to the hardware firewall on your router, so you should be completely safe from port scanning and can safely disregard any such notices.

If you want to test the visibility of your network on the internet (i.e. if it responds to such pings) you can go here and click on "ShieldsUp".

If you're especially worried by this, or don't like the idea of your usage allowance being eaten into by these pings, you can switch on the PlusNet firewall by going here.

Please be aware though that some services (notably FTP) will not work over the "High" setting, so if you experience problems try reducing the PN firewall to "Low" (which won't block the port you are quoting).
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It needs to be pointed out that the Plusnet firewall is not available for PAYG users on the alternative (RIN) network.
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Thanks for the quick reply. It seems to have stopped now anyways. I guess that will teach me to look in places that I dont understand. I did try the ShieldsUp site this afternoon and it said I was watertight. I think I paniced having just installed BitTorrent ans was playing with it for the first time and assumed I had picked something up. Thanks for the advice about the PNet firewall, have a Premier Opt 1 account and I havent even thought about RIN. I will keep an eye on my usage to see if it is climbing.
Thanks again