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Paid for Speed Upgrade


Paid for Speed Upgrade


I paid for the speed upgrade last Night from 512kb premier £21.99 to 2mb Premier £21.99.

This morning I got the email about the F.U.P. and I understand that I will be limited to 30gb downloads between 8.00am and 1.00am. and unlimited between 1.00am and 8.00am.

Does that mean that the free upgrade of speeds to adsl accounts has started?and I have waisted my £14.99 upgrade fee? or are the free speed upgrade still a little way off.?
have I have wasted my £14.99 in paying to jump the queue?

I am still waiting for confirmation that I have indeed upgraded my speed to 2mb.
Does send out an email telling you that your payment has been accepted or do you get an email when the speed upgrade has been done. I understand that it could take 7 days but more than likely 72 hours.

Thanks for answering my Questions.

Darren Keen

Paid for Speed Upgrade

no you may not have wasted £14.99

Bt has the regrade orders but they will take several months to complete. you could still be a month or 2, maybe 3 away from a free upgrade.

i think you get an e-mail but i'm not sure, if u get emailed about ticket updates then you should get 1 for that when they update the ticket
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Paid for Speed Upgrade

You will get an email when the regrade order is complete, but the whole process can be tracked on the Portal by viewing the tickets raised by CS staff and the automated system.

Indeed Speed Upgrades could come as late as June, so you may not have wasted your money.