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Just had the PlusNet news that soon I can have a free upgrade 8mb broadband (nice but my exchange doesn't support it anyway)

At the same time I'm still on 125kbps after the week in which my account was supposed to be reset. It's all spiel


very very few people will actualy be able to get 8mbit, its just shitty advertising hype to get those that have no idea about computers to buy into a service that they SO wont be able to get. Instead of all this fuss about MAXDSL they should be concentrating on ADSL2 or FTTH, but no, they are trying to make this "8mbit" thing amazing!!! omg omg Cable users have had 10mbit for like a year now... which is oh, faster than 8mbit, and due to the way cable was laid, they probably can upgrade the speeds even more without much of a fuss // hardware changes (other than maybe the coax cable in your house) Shame most users dont realise they will be no better off in 6 months than they are now. *they may even be worse*
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In the tests so far most people have been able to get the faster speeds. And if you aren't able to get it but have been paying for it, and haven't taken advantage of the higher usage allowance on those products then you will be refunded.

Your exchange may not be able to get it at the moment but BT are working to roll this out from April, eventually to all exchanges.


You are not alone, I just did a plusnet speedtest and it came back 101kbps, I am on BB+ and have had no restrictions on my account whatsoever, last month I used just over 2GB bandwidth and experienced slow speeds, this is when sufing by the way as well as downloading and the downloading has NOT been p2p.

I have noticed my speeds are more affected during peak times which is when the throttling occurs with those on management but it seems to be affecting those even with no management levels on their accounts.

I am leaving plusnet as soon as I have the money to pay the deferred activation fee and mac code fee.

Never before have I experienced such awful speeds, my last provider was so much more reliable.

Oh by the way, any plusnet staff reading this, I did a BT speedtest immediately after the plusnet test and it came back at 1468kbps so please don't try telling me it's a bt issue like I was told the four previous times I complained.

I've only been with this company a month so far and within that time have had no end of speed issues. Not very good at all.

I was going to hold on for the 8mb upgrade in April but would rather have a reliable 2mb connection with another isp, I have no need for 8mb speeds as I use the net for mainly surfing and email with the occasional downloads and chat etc, seldom do I use p2p and never watch any vids online and nor do I do any online gaming.

I feel I am being penalized unfairly and so far the customer support team have been less than helpful, so much so that I no longer wish to even try communicating either via telephone or via ticket.

Sorry, didn't mean to go on so much, am just so disappointed with the service and fully empathize with all the other people experiencing problems.