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Packet loss and failure to connect


Packet loss and failure to connect

Hi all,

Recently there seems to be an awful lot of packet loss (up to 50% on some ping tests!) around 11pm-12am time. In addition to this my router disconnects and when it attempts to reconnect it gets the ADSL fine but fails to negotiate with the ISP. I recently forked out 80 quid for a new router because I was getting this problem and was told it was probably a router problem. Evidently this is not the case as it is still happening and my guess is that it is caused by the packet loss that I see.

Is anyone else noticing excessive loss like this? Web browsing can be patchy and my online game of choice has been virtually unplayable with regular 20% packet loss.


I know that there is more usage at the moment and I understand that there is a new segment supposed to be going in next week but is this going to continue like this? because if it is then I may have to consider moving. I have stuck with PN through all of the bad times and its cost me quite a bit replacing kit in an attempt to fix the various issues I have had with my connection. Sad

The gateways I am mostly connected to seem to be PTE-AG1 & PTE-AG2 and if I check the packet drop graphs it seems to say that all is well with the world - well in my world, it aint!