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Packet Shaping?


Packet Shaping?

First off I would like to say that this thread is NOT intended as flame bait so don’t start flaming and whining about Plus Net.

If you think your internet Downloading and surfing habits are being affected by PN’s packet shaping then please vote. Remember PN have said that some people have been assigned the wrong profiles and that’s why you have terrible speeds.

This poll is not about that it is when you have the correct profile and feel that your downloading habits are still being affected.

*EDIT* Sorry about that first time doing a Poll, should be working now.

Packet Shaping?

no poll :-(


its there now and have voted :-) fyi i had to raise a ticket to get myself off the traffic shaping that had been incorrectly added. Everything seems to be ok now
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Packet Shaping?

I'm a premier user and I have no problems. Plusnet have explained that they are prioritising low-latency protocols which is something I try and do on my home network anyway so good for them. p2p-wise I have no complaints. Sometimes torrents do seem to go oddly slowly, but on occasion I've chosen the highest seeded torrents on a tracker and found that it goes like a bullet train. Such is the mystery of bittorrent.