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PSP Internet Connection


PSP Internet Connection


My brother has a PSP and has started to use it at my house. I'm on the premier option with PlusNet, so I don't see a problem.

It seems that he gets a lot of lag at any part of the day and we can't work out why. The wifi part is set correctly and he can browse the web ok, etc with the PSP. When it comes to gaming though, it lags by about a second or so on some objects being updated in Socom for example.

I've checked the usage graphs and its going through the gaming protocols, etc, so it should be prioritised right??

Any ideas? He's about 10M away from the wifi base and the router is an excellent netgear (white) one.


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PSP Internet Connection

No idea in all honesty. I can't think of any reason why it would experience difficulties if the traffic is being seen as gaming.
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PSP Internet Connection

I'd move this to the Gaming part of the portal.

[1] You have setup port forwarding for the game and/or set the PSP to have an IP adress set for DMZ?

[2] You really trust the VMBU tool that much to indicate the Ellanoya knows the data is gaming. If the Ellanoya does not know the traffic, it will likely be marked Bronze on a Premier account and so get dropped if it is unknown.

[3] Is the PSP trying to do some power saving trick with the Wifi connection? If so, try to find a menu option to turn this off.


PSP Internet Connection

Thanks for that, will try it out and see what happens.