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PPP Authentication Failure. Disconnection. I AM FED UP!


PPP Authentication Failure. Disconnection. I AM FED UP!

I have been experimenting disconnections. The first one happened today at 9:23am. The second one today at 1:13pm... This has been "usual" for the last week or so. It all started couple of weeks ago, when I got hit on a Thursday morning for 3 hours.

What puzzles me, is that my router is happy with the Physical Layer, keeping the DSL connection always up. However, it does complain about being unable to get authenticated from PlusNet or unable to receive an IP Address.

Is this due to the LLU issues that other users are suffering?

I am very very fed up and very close to move out from PlusNet. I had recommended PN to 4 friends but, after this lack of reliabily and lack of commitment to addresss the problem, I am going to opt out...

Why did I even consider about signing up for Home PhoneHuh

I feel very very disapointed.