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POP3 problem


POP3 problem

I used to be with Freeserve/Wanadoo until the beginning of this year when I migrated here to Plus Net.
I kept my Freeserve email address as well as using my new Plus Net address.
Yesterday my Freeserve address stopped receiving emails.
My incoming Freeserve address comes through
Have Freeserve stopped my incoming emails or is there a fault? Or some other reason?
Any way to sort it?
I'm using Outlook Express 6.

I've tried adding the freeserve details to my Plus Net webmail but with no luck. To be honest, I'm probably entering the wrong details there.
Exactly what details go in the Username, Hostname and Mailserver boxes?
Any help will be much appreciated.

POP3 problem

I'd suspect that Freeserver have terminated your email addresses...

Lost Freeserve Account

On your freeserve account, it freezes after 90 continuous days of not logging on via the dial up line from your home line or registered line and you remembered to put 1470 in front of the number that they gave you.

Phone them quick and they will recover your account and sort you out (usually they do a catch up on emails not downloaded if you ask nicely). I find that although 50p a minute £1.00 to £2.00 covers it.

If you do it via the website, emails are not recoverable, and emailing them is a total waste of energy.

POP3 problem

Thanks for the advice.
I tried everything and was convinced that they'd disabled my email until my girlfriend's freeserve address ( and exactly the same account settings) started accepting incoming emails, including mail sent to my address!!!

I'm baffled but then no more than usual!!!