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PN+ (up to 8mgs) When is Peak and Off Peak?


PN+ (up to 8mgs) When is Peak and Off Peak?

I had an email a few days ago (on my billing date) to tell me that I am now on the PN+ up to 8mgs package, altho obviously nothing has changed from PN+ 2 megs except the name.
I thought that the off-peak time had also changed (the PN blurb says that PN+ has now got off peak of 12 midnight to 4.00 p.m.) but it seems that I am still on the old time - 12 midnight to 8.00 a.m. - according to the 'view my useage' tool. There is no mention of midnight to 4.00 p.m.
Could someone from PN please tell me what my new package actually consists of now - ? I know that in the indeterminate future the speed may be increased - but what about now, today? - what are the limits for downloading on my account (3 gigs or 5?) and what are the Peak and Off Peak hours?
And why is PN communication with customers so poor that it is necessary to ask questions like this?

PN+ (up to 8mgs) When is Peak and Off Peak?

Hi mcfgallagher,

I am assuming you are on the BB+ package givent he figures you quoted above.

If you have received that email you should be on the new package ( despite the lack of a new VMBU which is what a fair amount of us are still missing out on ).

The peak hours are now 4PM --> Midnight on both BB+ and Premier. As far as BB+ goes you have a 3GB fairly throttle free ( suitable for normal usage only not downloading ) usage available. After this amount you will be managed and the speed will decrease.

As for off peak you have an available 50GB to use there within the confines of the package Wink

I hope this helps a little.


PN+ (up to 8mgs) When is Peak and Off Peak?

My bad,

spotted a duplicate thread and so am locking this one.