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PN are miles better than Bulldog....


PN are miles better than Bulldog....

I've been reading some of the posts on here regarding dissatisfaction with PN CS. Although I have limited experience of PN, I have to say that I've found them to be excellent so far.

None of the moans and gripes I've read regarding PN can compare to the utter shambles at Bulldog. We were Bulldog customers for many years until I eventually threw in the towel - I should have done it sooner. We experienced similar stories to the ones posted here, but not only was the service an absolute disgrace, but when you did eventually get through to a "real" person they were rude, discourteous and in more times than I care to remember, would simply hang up on you. Connection was sporadic at best. They couldn't even get the billing right. Wrong amounts taken from credit cards and bank accounts. No bill for 3 months and then all taken in one lump sum - no correspondence, just shear arrogance. We renamed Bulldog "Bullsh1t".

PN are great, an absolute breath of fresh air compared to our experiences with Bullsh1t.

Ironically, the best experience I had of Bullsh1t was obtaining the Migration Code. One quick and simple call. Obviously, this was one process they are extremely experienced in carrying out.

I would suggest no one is perfect, especially in this industry, but PN are a million miles better than other ISPs. Trust me...