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PN Support levels.

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PN Support levels.

Its recent posts from Plusnet CS staff that make me realise just how good the suport is round here.

Even if connection issues etc sometimes have to go to BT (which is when the service takes a dive south), the PN staff really do try, and are certainly a LOT better than most in my opinion.

Im currently in "discussions" with another provider that didn't complete my migration correctly in December (i returned to PN as this other provider simply could not provide a service), and to cut a long story short they have taken £113.96 from myself for a service I dont have with them including payments as recent as June. Its looking increasingly likely that I will end up having to go through the courts to get this money back, as discussions/communication with their support is a little one way to say the least.

Thats just small fry compared to one of my employees. He switched his broadband and telephone line to a LLU provider, leaving behind AOL.

Or so he thought.

Even though his phone line and broadband account go no where near AOL anymore, their systems have invoiced him incorrectly. For two months in a row there has now been an error, and suport are always "getting back to him".

So far he has been billed, in two months... for a service previously costing £22.50 a month....

Wait for it......

Just a smidgen under £900

(no thats not a typing error, I do mean nine hundred)

So, while we (and I include myself) may have a good old whinge about PN from time to time - they are certainly a lot better at customer service than others. A LOT better.

All we need now is for PN to be able to get BT to work a little smarter when it comes to faults, and they'll have this broadband market sewn up.

Just thought I'd post that up Smiley
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PN Support levels.

Perhaps we could have a few more Mand Becketts about - some people in the ISP industry certainly need educating it seems..... :twisted:
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PN Support levels.

Perhaps we could have a few more Mand Becketts about


On the whole, the service received from PN CSC, with one or two rare exceptions, has been excellent.
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PN Support levels.

TBH I dont normally say much - cause if I do I tend to get dissed from certain parties. :/

Anyhow its nice to see someone who admittedly is having problems with his connection making this kind of post.

I deal with connections from users of many different ISPs. I never a slate a users choice on who they decided to go with... but I can honestly say that although Im aware PN does have room for improvement, in all my days dealing with adsl then there really are far worse than Plusnet.

I dont want to name names - but right now there are a couple of ISPs who really are very bad at CS - I mean terribly bad.. in fact theres one particular ISP that if someone rings me up and says - "I have a problem with my Internet connection" and I know who they use, then the thought of dealing with that particular ISP on behalf of the customer fills me with dread, because not only is their CS bad, but so is their actual internet service.

I've lost count of the times that said ISP tends to "just transferring you to another dept" when they realise that I probably know way more about adsl than they do and cant be fobbed off with the normal excuses.. then promptly cut me off!!! Sad

Last year was pretty black for PN.. but earlier this year (march? open day) I was at PN towers and Ive seen with my own 2 eyes a big turn around.. right from the guys at the top.
In fact its probably no big secret that me and Lee over the years have had a few "run-ins" and I suspect I may have been a bit of a thorn in the side. Anyhow I had a convo with the new CEO and I believe this guy really wants to make it work.
This time its coming down from the top and not just the likes of certain comms team members trying their damndest.

I was in Sheffield staying with a friend last month and I "called in" the atmosphere these days is so different and much more like the PN of old. Whilst there I once again got to speak with Neil Laycock... and Im sure he wont mind me mentioning the fact that they are very well aware that they "F'ed up" over the email spam thing. IMHO the way they handled things this time was different.
There are vast improvements in CS, and (the RIN thing aside) my connection is performing how I expect it to.

Sooooo... in view of the fact Im not shy at yelling at em when they do wrong.. I also feel its fair to praise someone when they do well.

Keep it up guys and well done.