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Can someone please tell me if there is a problem with answering tickets at the moment. I have raised a call Last Thursday after been migrated to LLU. The call has not been answered yet almost a week on. I am expecting that the call will need to be placed with Tiscali once you have read it and I am sure this is going to take at least a week.

How comes it is taking so long to answer tickets almost a week and counting when you are able to email me on the 1st August at 8pm and tell me my connection is being migrated to LLU on the 3rd August and my connections actually get migrated at 9am on 3rd. I make that 36 hours (ish) notice from you that you are migrating me to LLU. Not a lot of time to me to accept or request to opt out. Now all I want is someone to sort my line speed problem out, which is as a result you migrating me from a Max DSL line to a LLU line with very short notice.

Ticket Number 19976788 .

I had a complete mess up with my initial MAX DSL upgrade/migration and will not put up with bad customer services again. If you cannot resolve the speed issue I will require you to migrate me back to MAX DSL.
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