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PAYG regrade question


PAYG regrade question


I would like to change my premier 1 account to PAYG. I went through the upgrade process but on the summary screen (just before you click "buy") it stated:

PAYG (annual contract).

I was under the impression that my Premier 1 account is now a monthly contract as it has been active for more than one year, I had a house move done on 23/01/2006 and it's been active since.

Can someone advise as I'm not keen on getting tied in to another 12 month contract if PAYG is not for me.

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PAYG regrade question

The annual contract runs from the date that your broadband was activated, in your case, quite a few years ago.

Don't worry if the the PAYG is an annual contract, we will not hold you to a new contract and if you wish, once the account change has completed, let me know and I will change it to the monthly contract product.

PAYG regrade question

Thanks Sam.