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PAYG Usage charging & measuring

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PAYG Usage charging & measuring

I thought that the PAYG 1Gb inclusive (and additional) units were in respect of DOWNLOAD. The VIEW MY USAGE page implies that the graph is the sum of download AND upload.
The statistics shown on this page will not include any online activity in the last two hours – you should bear this in mind, particularly if you are approaching the usage included with your account. Usage is measured in amount of data downloaded and uploaded.

The current PAYG specification refers to "1GB data transfer included" for which there is no clear definition of "transfer". My bill information referes to "PlusNet Broadband Home Lite 1Mb " and uses the term "bandwith". So just what is it that's being measured - download or download and upload? I'm sure that when I signed up, the reference was "download" - but there again, I might be wrong!

If however, the text on the usage page is correct and the PAYG limts are for download, how can I determine when I need to change my package? I'm sure that this must have been covered before, but i cannot find a recent item in this forum.

Does +net have a (T&C) definition anywhere on the portal for "usage", "data transfer" or "bandwith"?

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PAYG Usage charging & measuring

As I've always understood it, both upload and download are included. I've had a PAYG (or Lite as it was) account from not long after they where released. Think they have always been that way, but could be mistaken.

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PAYG Usage charging & measuring

Yep. Broadband PAYG has always included both Download and Upload in the usage.

PAYG Usage charging & measuring

I think that some confusion arose when FUP was proposed. That, had it come into operation, would have been downloads only, BUT .... FUP had absolutely no relevance to the PAYG accounts anyway!

Some people seem to have just *assumed* that the "downloads only" idea would apply to the PAYG accounts too - I've no idea why, I'm on PAYG, read all the e-mails etc. from PlusNet and there was never any suggestion that it would apply to us, but there was a certain amount of incorrect information posted in these forums - by customers, not by PN staff - in this respect, so that's maybe where you picked it up from.