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Are we now being blocked after midnight?

On PAYG and have recently been downloading some bittorents midnight onwards for a few hrs,in last few weeks have downloaded approx 4gb.

Last night after midnight,launched Utorrent to finish downloading some torrents but could not get any incoming connections .

Launched Utorrent several times in the day (today) and this evening before midnight (during my 2 gb allowance) and Utorrent client open ports within a minute or so every time,sometimes within seconds and download starts.

Again tonight @12:30 again not getting any incoming connections,so what going on Plusnet ?,nothing changed this end at all.
If I,m being blocked in some way then let me know and though I've been very happy most of the time over the last four yrs with +net I'll get my mac and be away.

if your not blocking my account after midnight and this carries on then might just as well leave anyhow.


Are you on BB+? if so the Plusnet firewall is turned on by HIGH, therefore blocking all incoming traffic.
This can be changed in your Connection Settings.
If this isn't the case then i have no idea. Someone else reported that after midnight last night they couldn't get any connections at all either.

EDIT...oops, i see your on bad (it's getting late ,forgive me Wink )