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P2P problems


P2P problems

Dunno if it's just me - but if I have any kind of P2P downloading going on - and I try to play a game at the same time - my connection intermittently gets very laggy and sometimes actually disconnects itself!

I know this isn't due to actual bandwidth being at the moment my p2p bandwidth is throttled to like 2kb/s lol

...but I thought it was something I should mention in case its just an issue with the way the traffic shaping works . . is it meant to affect the quality of your general connection (packets being sent for gaming for example) if you are using p2p at all.

If I ensure p2p is shut down I dont experience issues. - I say again - it's not due to the p2p taking up the bandwidth and regardless it also sometimes leads to the line disconnecting itself.

Anyone else getting this?

Just thought I'd mention it though it wont really affect me anymore as I am migrating this week as I just dont like restrictions in general - which ironically was the reason I went with premier in the first place lol =)
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P2P problems


There are lots of exsiting p2p threads regarding speeds and I'm sure your issues will confirm to at least one of them, as such for the sake of forum clarity Im locking this thread.