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Ozenda AR4505GW router


Ozenda AR4505GW router

Hi all,

I’ve got a (I think) strange problem with the aforementioned router. Tonight it has suddenly decided to switch the wireless access channel from whatever I set it to, to channel number 13. I only noticed this after my laptop refused to connect, and now it won't connect at all; not even on channel 13. I've tried resetting back to defaults, re-flashing firmware and restoring the router from a backup - the backup works in setting the channel back to 10 (which is what I prefer and set) but within a minute it changes the channel back to 13 again. I've had this problem before where it changes the channel but only once or twice and both times it let me change back to 10 and keep it at that. Now it just flatly refuses to change. I'm getting annoyed with these routers (I own two, one for me and one for my g/f - both had to be sent back due to faulty power buttons) and now this. If anyone owns one of these please could you give some advice, I’ve emailed Ozenda support but I also wanted a community response.

Sorry for rambling!

Yours, JT


You have setup security and also changed the default passwords ?

it could be someone changing it for you :-)

i know if i find a open AP on my channel it doesnt stay on it for long...

Ozenda AR4505GW router

Forgot to mention that yes passwords are all set (and not set to my pet's name Smiley ) and mac filters are on as well as the built-in SPI firewall