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I have just made a complaint to ofcom as I'm getting no where with Plus Net "customer" service. Evil

I am by and large happy with the service it's the price I'm being charged that is the problem.

I originally signed up to 1mb premier 4 years ago at £29.99. Now with the speed upgrades etc I currently get 2mb broadband, all well and good. The equivalant broadband packages - 2mb broadband are £21.99.

I feel I have been overcharged by £8 since they introduced these new tariffs. I have asked for a refund since August of the amount overcharged.

Plus Net have refused saying I can switch to the 2mb broadband for free. But will not refund the amounts overcharged.

This is a ridiculous policy. Broadband prices have dropped but PNs view is that you as a customer will continue to pay the higher price until you recognise the prices have dropped and then only once you as a customer have told PN to move to a cheaper tariff (even though your existing tariff no longer exists)

Even banks are fairer than this. They are obliged to point out to Customers if their present accounts don't offer the best interest rates. Tesco's wouldn't continue to charge you a high price for an item they reduced in price. Plus Net shouldn't continue to charge a high price for a product it's reduced in price regardless of what you call the package.

Come on plus net. Do the decent thing and sort this out. Make an unhappy customer happy again!


Errm, there are other benifiths of the £29 a month account such as higher usage limits. So if u didnt need that u shud have downgraded.

Last i checked, package changes were mentioned on the service announcements and these were emailed out to your postmaster inbox which you are required to monitor occasionaly


Apparently not a higher usage limit. I keep getting quoted as a 15gb usent transfer limit, not the 25gb as you would expect
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Usenet does have a 15GB limit and has had for several months now.
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Several weeks maybe (about 7 in fact) not several months though! It just seems longer! Wink