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Outtage this morning


Outtage this morning

My experiences, thoughts, and a few questions

I tried getting to the Internet at 8am, without luck. Within 5 minutes I decided it wasn't a problem with my hardware, as both modems (different manufacturers) gave identical problems

I tried dialling up, without success to the 0845 rate Plusnet service - I now understand that it was also affected by the Telehouse glitch

I dialled up to another provider, and got onto the Plusnet website. Why isn't there a "low speed connection" version of the site for people who have to connect with dial-up? It's not easy having to get round the site on dial-up with all these fancy pictures, when in a hurry to get the problem solved / ticket raised before I need to leave for work, especially when I'm now paying for the privilege of dialling up

The service status page showed "green", yet I couldn't get connected, and Telehouse had lost power. Why didn't Plusnet notice there was a problem before I did?

I managed to fight my way through the broadband fault checker, which amazingly showed "no problems", even though Telehouse had gone down some time earlier

I finally managed to log the ticket at about 8:25 - it took an hour for the forum topic to be posted to say there's a problem.

The service status email only showed a problem at 8:28am, at least 1/2 hour *after* the problem happened? Why does it take PN so long to notice these things? Surely it didn't take that long to draft an email that said nothing more than "there is a problem with connectivity".

The new, free dial-up backup service for people with logged no-connection tickets was down as well. What's the point of a backup system if it's on the same systems as the primary connection?

I know it's not Plusnet's fault there was a problem, but why does it take so long to notify the customers?

Also, I have a phone number for PN on my mobile, which I've called "Plusnet support" - 0845 140 0200. I don't know how long that rang for before my phone decided there wasn't going to be an answer & gave up, but it was probably at least 2 minutes. If that number has been taken out of service, why not a message after 2 rings to say "Please dial xxx yyy zzz"?

Anyway, there's my rant.