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Outoging Mail Is Being Blacklisted


Outoging Mail Is Being Blacklisted

I am trying to send email to one of our customers whose email address ends

The mail is being bounced back with the following message: []: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Your message could not be delivered.

Is this related to the whole spam email debacle?

More importantly how can I go about sending email to our customer?
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Outoging Mail Is Being Blacklisted

This is fairly common today and it is not just PN affected. At some point whatever system the recipients mail server uses to block spam has received spam proporting to come from one of PNs mailservers and blacklisted it.

You need to raise a ticket and include the full blocked email you received, including headers so PN can investigate and try to remove their mail servers from the blacklist.
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Outoging Mail Is Being Blacklisted

Hi there,

We've raised this with the necessary peeps at, and should have this sorted fairly quickly for you.

Unfortunately it does happen from time to time, and doesn't just affect us as Peter says.